Transform your business

You have no easy job. Increased regulation asks for a better grip on your business and IT processes. Several compliancy models compete or have to merge. How do you integrate these process, project and quality models and make it work? How do you effectively transform your business?

Business and IT process improvement

Define, design and configure your business and IT processes in a visual and intuitive way. Communicate the results and publish them to a Process Library on your corporate intranet, creating a clear reference point for everyone involved. Use the information not only to manage business and IT processes, but also to make compliancy work for you. Monitor and instantiate running workflow instances.

Project performance and control

Collaborate on business and IT projects using our Crocus web-based project solution. Keep all your project, process and compliancy related data together online. Share project or portfolio progress and budget reports with your team-members and customers . Run your projects according to Prince2, PMBOK or  even Agile or DSDM Atern principles.

Agile business and IT project initiatives

Our Crocus software framework fully supports your agile business and IT projects. Base your projects on SCRUM or on other agile methods such as XP or DSDM Atern. Or define your process as a mix of agile and CMMI. Manage even userstories, their estimates, the product backlog, sprints or iterations and track the productivity of the team through the velocity chart. 

Compliancy and governance activities

Crocus provides a central repository database storing all the relevant information needed to comply. Create stunning gap-analysis reports showing where you comply to CMMI, ISO, SPICE or SOX. Our Segregation of Duties (SOD) tools scan your Oracle, SAP or even Baan systems for conflicts.

Crocus software framework

Our software framework consists of both desktop and web-based components to support you in your process design, process improvement, publication, monitoring, (agile) project management and compliancy efforts. Crocus stores all data in one central repository database for easy reporting.





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